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recording gameplay video


I'm looking for 3024 people's gameplay video duration, calculated as the time between the first and last scene (Not The End Scene) below. The gameplay time starts when the First Scene disappears and is finished when the Last Scene is first seen on the screen. All the sections between these scenes must have been passed.

The gameplay video should only contain the game. There shouldn't be other recordings before (First Scene) and after (Last Scene) of the game.

Even if you write your playing time on the form, we will review each video. The time we will take as a basis will be the time in the video. Entering the wrong duration will invalidate your application.

Upload the gameplay video to Youtube and make the visibility unlist (not private). After the results are announced, you can make your video public.

We recommend OBS Studio to record gameplay video. You can download it for free from here. If you want, you can use any other program you want.

When recording the game with OBS, if there is sound but no image, select OpenGL as the renderer from OBS settings. (Settings > Advanced > Renderer)

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