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the game


The dead computer engineer (Frank) had only one purpose, to reveal the true face of the company he worked for. Now, this mission is up to a hacker (anonym52) and 3024 people.

"I'm looking for 3024 people" is an alternate reality game developed by Bakodun Game Studios. In this adventure; you will have to infiltrate the company using a hacking program developed by Frank and anonym52, examine the leaked documents, and perform your own tasks.

You can download the game now and infiltrate the company. You will be involved in a horrific experiment conducted within the company. You will control a human subject who cannot see. So you won't see anything either.

You have to act on what you hear. You can only finish the game by following the directions that you hear. You must get the subject man out of his confinement as soon as possible.

Frank has been trying to find the security flaw of this company for years, and one of the flaw he found is the 3024 ports (slots) of this company.

According to Frank's and anonym52's work, if these slots are simultaneously processed, the area of the hidden page can be accessed and new information can be obtained from within the company.

By infiltrating the company you will get information to do the slot process on Discord. First, you must select one of the 3024 slots on the Frank's Computer website and then infiltrate the company, and finally find the corresponding

3-digit code for your slot.


Explained how to do the slot process on the Discord server.

In this mission, 3024 people must perform the slot process within 10 minutes to access the hidden page.

To find out how all these events happened and what will happen, you can visit and watch the video message Frank left us before he died.



We developed the game with the Buildbox game engine in 1.5 years. All English voiceovers were made with Replica Studios' artificial intelligence software.


Sticking to the alternate reality genre, we created an interactive story with the real world. While doing this, we also added people, stories, and attractions from Turkey.

The game can be downloaded from Steam, Epic Store, Microsoft Store, App Store, and Play Store right now. 

system requirements


- 240 MB Free Disk Space
- Windows 7 x64 
- 2 GHz CPU
- 4 GB RAM
- OpenGL 2.0
- OpenAL



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